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Pakistan Knitwear & Sweater Exporters Association

Karachi Office

M/s. Smart Wear International
M/s. S. Ahmed Garments
M/s. Premium Knits
M/s. Premium Knits
M/s. A & J Apparel (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Noor Apparels
M/s. Bizflo International
M/s. M.S. Apparels
M/s. Abtex Apparels
M/s. Saya Weaving Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Grace Apparel (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Grace Knitwear (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Apparel Arts (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Alfaz Enterprise
M/s. Keystone Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Jan Lace & General Mills
M/s. Akhtar Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Akhtar & Sons
M/s. Mount Fuji Textiles Ltd.
M/s. MYM Knitwear
M/s. Shahzad Apparels (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Al-Munaf Corporation
M/s. Hassan Industries
M/s. The Vogue
M/s. Five Star Apparels
M/s. Al- Amin Exports
M/s. Unicon International (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. S. M. Traders
M/s. Shaddan Enterprises
M/s. Bonanza Garment Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Ahmed Textile & General Mills
M/s. Domitex
M/s. Mass Apparels & Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Dewan Enterprises
M/s. Stitches (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Hussain Towels
M/s. Amna Apparels
M/s. Fazal Industries
M/s. A.K Enterprise
M/s. Body Fashion
M/s. Malik Textile Industriea (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Global Exports
M/s. Pak Apparels
M/s. Friends Apparel
M/s. Buksh Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Irfan Garments
M/s. Nazeer Apparels
M/s. Bazi Knitwear
M/s. Sakaria Knitting Industries
M/s. International Trading Corporation
M/s. Sonic Textile Industries
M/s. Mezan Exports
M/s. Usman & Sons
M/s. Designs International
M/s. National Silicate & Allied Industries
M/s. S.A.H Enterprise Inc.
M/s. Modus Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Saqib Textile
M/s. Maryam Apparel
M/s. Cotton Club
M/s. ANZ Garments
M/s. Redox Fashion London
M/s. ACE Apparel
M/s. Makom Textile
M/s. Shiza Apparel
M/s. Spantik Textiles
M/s. Arsa Knitwear (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. United Industries
M/s. Cotton Smith
M/s. A.H Textile
M/s. AHS Textiles
M/s. K- TEX
M/s. A.U. Textile
M/s. Startex International
M/s. Creative Apparels
M/s. Quality Garments
M/s. Abdullah Enterprises
M/s. ALM Textile
M/s. Jayzee Enterprises
M/s. Rabka Textile
M/s. AL-Hamza Textile
M/s. Sadaf Enterprises
M/s. M.B. Hosiery
M/s. "AL-Raheem
M/s. Weaving"
M/s. Shaikh Apparels
M/s. Ashraf Textile Industries
M/s. Startex
M/s. MG Apparels
M/s. N.M. Garments
M/s. Chandna Industries
M/s. Premio Pak Industries
M/s. Mass Apparel International
M/s. Hometex
M/s. Modern Tex
M/s. Techno Tex Corporation
M/s. Dhaka Traders
M/s. Texperts International
M/s. Rehmani Fabrics
M/s. MS Garments
M/s. ESSA Brothers
M/s. Rainbow Hosiery (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Royal Textile CO.
M/s. Fatima Fashion Apparel
M/s. S.N. Fashion
M/s. Aadam Textile
M/s. Cruise Apparels
M/s. AZ Textiles
M/s. Ideal Clothings
M/s. Barai Textile
M/s. A.I.R. Industries
M/s. Friendz Clothing
M/s. B.A. Textile
M/s. Tessuto & Company
M/s. ZS Apparel
M/s. Sam International
M/s. Needle Krafts
M/s. Fashion Mission International
M/s. Hasan Textile
M/s. Royal Hospitality & Trading
M/s. Hajveri Textile
M/s. Primus Textile (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Danish International
M/s. International Export Corporation
M/s. Fatani Enterprises
M/s. Outtak Apparel
M/s. Craftsman Apparels
M/s. Mass Apparel Inernational
M/s. Pak Industry
M/s. Z & Z Packages (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Vayani Enterprises
M/s. Daneesha Fashion
M/s. Sherwani Exim
M/s. Gold Star Apparel
M/s. Zarkash International
M/s. BS Garments (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Saka International
M/s. Unity Apparel
M/s. Belloire Luxury

Lahore Zonal Office

M/s. Unique Apparel
M/s. Spantik Textiles
M/s. Latex Wear International
M/s. Maryam International
M/s. OUTSO Wearables (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Fiza Embroidery
M/s. Marco Sheena Textile (Pvt) Ltd.
M/s. Marfa Textile
M/s. Prime Textile
M/s. SYNT Textile Industries
M/s. Sequences Sourcing
M/s. Magnus