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Circular # 179
May 30, 2018 to Sept 6, 2019 FBR clears around Rs22bn ST refunds
Circular # 178
Visit of the delegation from National University of Technology (NUTECH), Islamabad
Circular # 177
Notice of Annual General Meeting 2018-19
Circular # 176
Verified Rs22bn ST refund to be issued SAARC Arbitration Council (SARCO)
Circular # 175
IT concessions to continue after withdrawal of ST zero-rating facility
Circular # 174
First tranche of ST refunds released thru IT module
Circular # 173
Govt decides to pay Rs22bn ST refunds: Hafeez
Circular # 172
Analyses & Comments by BR Research Mixed bag for textile
Circular # 171
Refunds in 72 hours via FASTER system: Exporters required to submit annexure-H form: FBR
Circular # 170
Textile sector on the verge of collapse?
Circular # 169
Future Gas demand assessment TexTailer International Expo 2019
Circular # 168
Refund claims by textile exporters Escrow account sought
Circular # 167
B2B meeting with PCJCCI: Chinese firm offers modern tech for textile industry
Circular # 166
Treasury’s role ends FBR to make refund payments out of its own pocket
Circular # 165
FBR issues Rs17.03bn sales tax refund bonds so far
Circular # 164
Govt urged to clear refund claims
Circular # 163
SC orders cos to pay 6pc on minimum wages of employees to SESSI
Circular # 162
Taxes, levies drawback: Deadline for submission of claims extended till Oct 16
Circular # 161
Govt urged to devise effective export promotion policy
Circular # 160
Pak Trade Expo USA-PAK 2019 in New York
Circular # 159
Pak Trade Expo USA-PAK 2019 in New York Complying with legal requirements and standards of HSE Session on “TUKATECH 2D-3D Fashion Design, Innovative technology for Digital Transformation
Circular # 158
Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) started operations in Pakistan - II TexTailorExpo 2019 “Hooked on Fashion” - Plovdiv, Bulgaria International Exhibition for Textile & Fashion
Circular # 157
Five export-oriented sectors FBR extends ERS scope
Circular # 156
Trade Fairs & Exhibitions Chinese & Turkish interpreters’ services
Circular # 155
FBR unveils ‘FASTER’ for five export sectors
Circular # 154
Dun & Bradstreet started operations in Pakistan Trade Fairs & Exhibitions
Circular # 153
Senate question about recently closed textile mills under protest Publications to lend
Circular # 152
Registered Exporters System REX by Turkey
Circular # 151
SSGC mechanism for charging of reduced gas tariff All supplier invoices to be zero-rated from 1st July 2019 under Export Oriented Rules (EOU) Publications to lend
Circular # 150
FBR to help ensure liquidity arrangements for exporters
Circular # 149
Notice of Annual Elections 2019-20
Circular # 148
Mr. Taher Punjwani awarded FTI Fellowship of The Textile Institute of Manchester – another feather in his cap!
Circular # 147
Export-oriented units:FBR decides to withdraw ST, FED exemption
Circular # 146
Government urged to revive SRO-1125 to ease business problems
Circular # 145
5th edition of Intex South Asia in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Circular # 144
Issuance of zero rated invoice
Circular # 143
5th edition of Intex South Asia in Colombo, Sri Lanka Publications to lend
Circular # 142
Introduction to a business developer & coach based in UK
Circular # 141
Bilwani writes letter PM urged to broaden export policy spectrum
Circular # 140
Withdrawal of zero-rating regime